I don't want to shower

I don't want to shower,
I don't want to erase the sweat
That I have persevered for,
don't want to participate in your
Inflated ideals of cleanliness,
Brought to you
By the corporations' profit,
Through advertising, i.e. entertainment,
Willing your souls to scrub away,
All heathen thoughts and actions,
So we can cooperate,
So you can coerce,
And create co-ed zombies of the 21st century.
no thanks, man.
I'll just kick it and deal with my smell
Instead of yours.

- Excerpt from Serj Tankain's "cool gardens"

Serj Tankain is the lead singer of System of a Down, for those of you that don't know, this man is a true Musical, Political, and Satirical genius of our century, and deserves the rightful respect and acknlowedment that any Einstein deserves.

Every one needs to buy a copy of this book, if you liked Chuch Palahniuk's book Fight Club, one of my favorite authors, and a is a genius in his own right.

So Cool Gardens is for any one that enjoys contemporary poetry, this is a MUST HAVE!

What do you think?

Girl friend breaks up with me 2 days before my bday

I really hate when girl friends brake up with you, but they dont really brake up with you, they just want to see how much you care about them and how hard you will try to get back with them....its tough. Yeah i am MENTALLY RETARTED and say and do stupid shit...but that's me...what can i do about it i was born that way...so what...